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waste game archive

Byzantine Ziggurat - the completed chapters.

old [let down] waste game pages can be seen by clicking below. some links won't work, since they are from a previous chapter of the game.

Chapter Won (1)...

here's a shot of the game:

waste game chapter 1 screenshot


Here is the premise of Chapter 1:

you click on the white ships and a picture pops up (see below) of a greek ship. written on the side of the ships are greek letters, some obscured by waves. the ships float around, and the page refreshes itself every minute automatically. when one of the ships "docks" at Crete, you can click on it and a password page pops up. there are password boxes, of various lengths, with greek symbols in front of the boxes. You can see the password pages below.

Crete has the red oval around it in the map below. That's where the ships dock. The yellow "x" is approximately where ship1 (beta) usually docked, and passwords could be accessed then by clicking on the ship.

Crete is located within the red circle.

password page when ship1 (beta) docked at Crete:

Port of Crete password page for ship beta.

password page when ship5 (zeta) docked at Crete:

ship5 password page.


the ships.

artwork for the first four ships were taken from the link below.


click to see the ships.


Link to translate greek alphabet (for symbols on sides of ships).

The Ship Dockings [PORT OF CRETE]

Ship1 has docked at least five times, approximately at the point marked with a yellow "x" on the map up above.

Other ships which touch land do not have a pop-up password window when clicked on(as of yet). The only password entry page discovered thusfar is entered when ship1 or ship5 touches Crete. Click on ship1 or ship5 and enter your password(s?).

the boat's docking time is changing constantly. the time range so far has been between 6 - 8:30 Central.

All times listed as US Central Time.

#1) 7/05 ship1- NW Crete - 8:30 pm
#2) 7/06 ship1 - NW Crete - 8:30 am
#3) 7/06 ship1 - NW Crete - 8:00 - 8:30 pm
#4) 7/07 ship1 - NW Crete - 7:30 am
#5) 7/07 ship1 - NW Crete - 6:20 pm - 6:35 pm
#6) 7/09 ship5 - SW Crete - 1:45 - 2:00 pm
#7) 7/09 ship1 - NW Crete - 3:30 - 3:45 pm
#8) 7/09 ship5 - SW Crete - 6:45 - 7:00 pm
#9) 7/10 ship5 - SW Crete - 3:40 - 3:50 pm

the ships remained at Crete for about 5-15 minutes then left. eventually, all ships docked. beta and zeta docked the most frequently. when a ship docked, and it's passwords were entered correctly, it disappeared. the person who docked it had their name placed on radiohead.com's byzantine ziggurat page.

Chapter 1 solution.

Thank You to everyone who has contributed!

g e t s o m e s l e e p

HELP US ALL! we're trying to solve this. hopefully you are to. if you see anything missing that you might have figured out, CLICK BELOW and email me some info you've got! thanks everyone.
mike|[let down]

Email [let down] with your waste-game info/theories.

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