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- waste game chapter 2 -

The Byzantine Ziggurat Info Page

Last Updated: 03/08/2002 at 6:58 PM.

email any information here if you'd like.

well, chapter 2 if just about over.  according to waste-game.com,
King Minos has had his commission of seven pieces satisfied by a worthy craftsman from amongst you, and has now grown tired of this Workshop. He will be accepting gifts from you for another 48 hours (until 13:30 GMT on Wednesday) and then he will be moving elsewhere.
it's been a lot of fun, everyone.  chapter 3 should be on its way shortly.
- mike.

The waste game challenges you with a series of clues until you (hopefully) solve it. In the past, it has involved deciphering UPC codes, converting numbers to binary, translating greek letters, and solving passwords. No knowledge of a previous game is necessary to play the new one.

For those of you out there who are trying to figure out the byzantine ziggurat's answer this time around, here's some information i've collected. any theories or information may or may not lead to the solution. remember, i'm playing this just like you.

Chapter 2, Part II: The Workshop of Daedalus

Island of Crete:  Chapter 2, The Workshop of Daedalus



Received from the byzantine ziggurat 3/08/2002:

 Dear Byzantine Ziggurat apprentice,

Well done in your relentless quest to build pieces to please the almighty
King Minos. Word has it that he is mightily impressed and amused by your
trinkets and offerings. Daedalus is also very impressed with your skills
and persistence, and of course, being one of the very few out of thousands
who managed to prove themselves worthy to some degree.

All your hard work has been carefully noted down so if you choose to take
part in any part of the Byzantine Ziggurat in future, please make use the
same user name and password.

But as sure as the sun sets on the smoking remains of the Workshop of
Daedalus today, it will rise again onto a new blood-splattered field of
terror and incomprehensible skulduggery soon. You have been warned.

Radiohead and w.a.s.t.e. towers


Congratulations Slingy

"many congratulations, you have succesfully built all seven pieces before any other apprentice.  Both Daedalus and King Minos are highly impressed.  Nothing more of you will be required at this time and you may now rest, worthy craftsman."

- congratulatory message to slingy after winning Chapter 2


congratulations to slingy for being the first to complete six pieces and making it to the seventh and final piece.


a very belated congratulations to sirensong for being the first apprentice to complete four pieces, and move on to a fifth and sixth piece - entitled "follow the black path, entering and leaving the sun" and "receptacle of asymmetrical design, with a body that stands 21 units tall."


free advice from daedalus:


keep an eye on the trading page. free pieces and help are given occasionally. the help provides outlines for each puzzle. w.a.s.t.e. decides which puzzle they'll help you with.


extra special thanks go to Lyttleone and lsk_16.


congratulations abbatoir noises and Chariset for joining the league of apprentices.


congratulations wrapt in plastik for completing a piece, thus joining the league of apprentices.


congratulations sirensong for being the first to complete a piece and have it accepted by King Minos. she completed transport to the island. her congratulatory email reads:


"King Minos is very happy with the item you have delivered him. You are also the first apprentice to succesfully construct the piece for him. He has given you back a sackful of pieces in return which will contribute to the other items you must construct.
Good luck!"


yet another clue:

In a trade, the winner is the person who offers the largest number of pieces which are useful to the person who originally started the trade. If there is a tie situation, the winner will be the person who offers the most valuable pieces (i.e. the pieces of which there are least in the Workshop). The exception to this rule is any trades made by me.


another clue:


thanks david.


there have been two clues as to what we need to build with our BAG O' PIECES on the Trading Post at waste-game.com - each one appeared in a green block, instead of in the blue used for the trades. the messages conveyed were:

The piece needed for uncovering more artifacts must be at least 20 units high at its thickest point and 9 units wide at its widest point (thanks phil!)

The piece dedicated to hephaestus must be at least 17 units high at its thickest point and 13 units wide at its widest point

keep an eye out for more clues!


The waste game has had some interesting developments. the chapter 2 page at www.waste-game.com/chapter2/ now features a username and password. enter the uname/pass you registered with to enter. the prompt also asks for a mentor, if you've chosen one.

once inside, you'll enter the workshop of daedalus. there is a shelf below which contains different "pieces" you can build. they all have different names. nothing, however, appears on the shelf - only places that you can click. when you click on an area on the shelf, the name of the piece is shown below, and a button that says "build." if you click on "build" you enter a page with a large grid and pieces in the frame to the right. select a piece, pivot it, and place it on the grid. when finished, click "finished building." it will ask if you're certain that you're done and you want Minos to inspect your piece. decide for yourself.

back on the workshop page (with the shelf) you can also choose to go to the trading post, where Daedalus offers pieces "for a good deal." make him an offer if you'd like. there are limited times open for each trade.

there is also a "league of apprentices" page. since the name of the page is "hiscore.cgi" it leads me to believe that when you've completed your pieces and Minos approves them, you will go on this list depending on how many pieces you've completed.

here is an incomplete list of pieces you can build:

home of hippocrates
dedicated to hephaestus
appearing eleventh or one by how many
appearing sixteenth or a circular relation
transport to the island
colossal island
needed to uncover more artifacts

some of these only appear for certain people. you may not have all that appear on the list above. if anyone has any pieces to add to this list, just email me up above or down below. if you want to know how to build the pieces, well, you'll have to figure it out just like me. keep an eye out for hidden pages - the first page you get to insinuates that there are hidden help pages around somewhere. let me know if you find any.


Artifact 7 has appeared on The Island of Crete. See it's symbols above. thank you Kate.


Artifact 6 has appeared on The Island of Crete. See it's symbols above. thank you Jessie.


Artifact 5 has appeared on The Island of Crete. See it's symbols above. thanks neirlin.


Artifact 4 has appeared on The Island of Crete. See it's symbols above.


Artifact 3 has appeared on The Island of Crete. See it's symbols above.


The page at www.waste-game.com has changed, and now has two small shovels that are marked "artifact 1" and "artifact 2" in the title bar. The symbols above are on those pages. Thanks Trish!

look to the left of the Central Court.

9/16/2001 - the hut's link now goes to www.waste-game.com/chapter2/index.html

the title of the new page is TRIGLYPH&METOPE.
there you'll see the following:

go to www.waste-game.com/chapter2/index.html

A small hut has appeared on the island of Crete. If you click on it, it'll take you to www.waste-game.com/#, which is the same page as www.waste-game.com. in fact, if you type in any URL and add a # suffix, it'll display the page referred to. try www.letdownweb.com/# (it's the same page as www.letdownweb.com). Perhaps this is just to get our attention?


Chapter 2, Part I: Registration.


click on the pic above, then click on the white ships to see the winners of the last game. click on the docks to register at Byzantine Ziggurat Immigration Control (or click below to register).

Click to register at the Byzantine Ziggurat.

you may register the following ways:

1. with your radiohead message board username/password.

2. with a new name, not already taken by a member of
the message board. NOTE: if you have any keys that
were emailed to you from previous chapters, this is
when you want to use them. make a new name and fill
in the boxes at the bottom with your keys.

once you register, you will receive an email asking for a confirmation. when you follow the link to confirm, you will be fully registered with the Byzantine Ziggurat. for now, i guess we wait for the ziggurat to open....


posted by maxk on RHMB 9/15/2001 5:32 pm CST -

havent you found your way into the temple yet? hm. you better find your way in soon or you'll get left behind.


Thank You to everyone who has contributed!

g e t s o m e s l e e p

HELP US ALL! we're trying to solve this. hopefully you are to. if you see anything missing that you might have figured out, CLICK BELOW and email me. mike [let down]

Email [let down] with your waste-game info/theories.

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