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at a better pace

Model #1 of IT

Model #2 of IT

What is IT?

A mysterious new invention currently under development, code name 'Ginger.' Several who claimed to have seen it say that it will be a revolutionary addition to modern culture.

The pics above suggest that it is some sort of personal transportation device that has incredible balancing capabilities. They were found at www.thesmokinggun.com, just search on the site for "IT." There is also word that the one of the models (perhaps the one on the left above?) will have the ability to climb stairs while riding it. I have seen many renditions of the drawings above. No one knows what IT really looks like or what this is all about, except maybe those developing IT. Here's some links so that you can draw your own conclusions:

Yet more background on "Ginger"

washingtonpost.com's Article - 12 Jan 2001

Some answers (?) to our questions

Patentcafe.com - GREAT Ginger (IT) stuff

Check out Patentcafe.com for some fascinating reading and links regarding this strange phenomenon. Some believe this device is hydrogen-powered, ending the need for gasoline to get around.

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Go to http://zapatopi.net/pneumatic.html to learn more about the Personal Pneumatic Transportation System!

or Click Here, or on the Tube Picture

Intelli-Tube Pneumatic Transportation System

The Zapato Personal Pneumatic Tube Pod Mark IV (A) featuring: a pressurized, single-occupancy cabin; reinforced nose-cones; gyroscopic stabilization; and full on-board electronics including user-friendly navigation, communication, and entertainment systems. Tapered ends, along with centralized flange placement (B), allows for handling of tighter curves than old-fashioned tubular models. The duel-purpose flanges serve to not only create an air-tight seal for optimum pneumatic pressure, but also contain the transceiver that lets the pod communicate with the Inteli-Tube system. The Inteli-Tube detector ring and routing computer (C) reads pod navigation information and redirects it to its proper destination. The air-pressure regulation ring (D) controls pod velocity and direction.

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