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no chance of escape

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Stanley Donwood maintains www.radiohead.com and has done the artwork for Radiohead albums The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A, and Amnesiac. Visit his site by clicking below.

Slowly.  Downward.

Learn the ancient art of dollar bill origami. Click what you want to make for instructions.

Click here to see more dollar bill origami.

dollar bill shirt.  click to learn how to make it.

dollar bill gift box.  dollar bill rings fit perfectly inside!  click for instructions.


the classic dollar bill ring.  click to learn how to make it.

some mazes to occupy your time.

try your hand at the fireworks maze.

Some intricate mazes to try. A State Farm cubicle jockey favorite. A Genuine Certified [let down] time sucker.

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they see you.  now see them.


Bernie S.

Watch the Watchers

good reading.

sit back down again and press play.

the milarepa fund.  informed but powerless.

The Milarepa Fund is an international organization, founded by the Beastie Boys, that supports the Tibetan people's nonviolent struggle to regain their freedom.

Through grassroots activism, direct action and events such as the Tibetan Freedom Concerts, we actively seek an end to the Chinese government's occupation of Tibet.

radio free europe.

privacy int'l.

Privacy International (PI) is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance by governments and corporations. PI is based in London, England, and has an office in Washington, D.C. PI has conducted campaigns throughout the world on issues ranging from wiretapping and national security activities, to ID cards, video surveillance, data matching, police information systems, and medical privacy.

like a discontinued component in a new outdated appliance.

WTO friend or foe.


flip geometric shapes to form pictures.


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