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The Byzantine Ziggurat Info Page - developments!

an explanation: the first WASTE GAME 2 page is growing, so for newer developments check here so you don't have to wait as long for the page to load and to see if there are new items on it. thought it might help. m|ke

for reference, here are the links to the ships' pop-up windows. you can see what it's doing right now by clicking on them.









When the ships cross paths...

a pic pops up when you click either ship which has crossed paths. this new picture shows two ships (not necessarily the ones who crossed paths!) which allows you to see more of the ships' greek letters. here are the pics i've collected and have been submitted (view the alt text for who sent them!)

 sent by Sintax from the SAForums.

sent by anonym.

sent by me.  thanks mike.  no problem.

sent by anonym.

sent by anonym.



www.the-ziggurat.com/rhodes/ was found by trouble at the station on the radiohead MB. good job!

the first password for beta ship is:


the first password for zeta ship is:



congratulations to david standifer for docking ship iota. congratulations to reasonableman for docking ships gamma, alpha, and epsilon!!!!! good job!

there is another element to the waste-game - here's a hint.


the ships set sail under the wondering eyes of poseidon.

good luck!

For those of you frustrated with Chapter Won of the waste-game, some good news perhaps!

(posted by maxk)
there is an extra part which once again very few people have got into.....................

wait till monday.

or if you hate this one, wait till chapter 2. and i can tell you now, there are 7 chapters planned.

we made this one ultra-hard and ultra-slow to put people off so they didnt spend hours and hours on it.

still getting about 10,000 entries a day though :(

also, a little synopsis of the game by maxk:

theres very very little brainpower involved in this one.
you watch boats go round. you collect letters. thats all there is to it.

and if youre lucky...


RESPONSE BY maxk on Radiohead MB (to the message below by anonym):

ummm ummm

every word is chosen carefully

(thats today's mega-clue)

***also (perhaps a micro-clue?)***

maxk responded to this question:
questioN: has anybody won the second waste game? - Spacejunc

by saying:
nowhere near
there were still seven ships out there last time i checked.

**************and yet more clues!**********************
Q - so when someone leads it home it
goes home and dissapears?

i wanna try, but i dunno where to start... tisfineig - Days

A - it does. oh go on, when beta next docks

just so people arent getting totally fucking lost.
Q - that waste game is is the cruelest thing i have encountered this year. it's too hard. - seagull

A - mad isn't it
but you wouldnt want to miss out on the free hat.

I've been thinking, maybe we have to get just one boat in. and when its in only 6 boats will be left and a new boat will start to dock!?!?

'cause 7 boats were launched at the tremor page!!!

If U C what I'm gettin' at?!?!?

So, I'm jus' gonna concentrate on individual boats!!

- anonym

Hey, I decoded some more of the code on the side of the boats and here it is:


There might be a few errors here and there but I did my best to decode it.

Also, you might notice that the first letter in the first 5 boats (0-4) are the first 5 letters in the Greek alphabet. Boat 0 starts with A (alpha) boat 1 begins with B (beta) and so forth.



the journey to crete has now begun. please reset your compasses. congratulations to the few who found their way to launching the ships on their way from the page hidden at http://www.the-ziggurat.com/tremor/ and http://www.waste-game.com/tremor/

beware of the rough seas.

okay... got something here.

at random times, I've seen it twice today, ships 5 & 6 collide. When they do, you see a different picture:


when it happens, you can see different letters. If everything keeps colliding, we could eventually see all the letters... hmmm...

Justin Lloyd

posted by maxk on radiohead.com's MB:

go to http://www.waste-game.com
you must guide the ships home.

also, in response to how people were to figure out to go to www.the-ziggurat.com/tremor/:

just slightly more obvious than 'victim'. but lots of the pages /earthquake and /quake i think /thor had another passage from the poseidon story. it points you there...
(added by me)
BTW: these links no longer work!

you get a creepy message if you go to www.radiohead.com/byzantium OR www.radiohead.com/alexandria. "you really shouldn't be looking here". i don't know what this means (obviously).

well, the waves only change as long as two ships are
crossing eachother...

the ship who's waves changed was the long black one (the 5th one?)

judging from the way the waves WERE (while it was crossing) and the way they
are NOW, here is what i've translated:

l p e d g a k a t f b d ch(?) u o l ks(?)

the ones with (?) following were the ones i wasn't quite sure about becuase
the way that Greek alphabet translator thing is, sometimes it has two
letters for a symbol which is confusing...


At around 3:15 or 3:20 PM today, a bit after ship 5(?) docked again, ships 4 and 6 kind of merged at crete. (I'm actually confused to which boats merged because I thought 5 was one of them, but the picture shows boats 4 and 6) They were right next to each other on the map, and if you clicked on either one, you'd get the attached picture. From this picture you can make out basically every character on ship 5. I found them to be: ezt?˘bmlklbzotous using the greek alphabet on your page. I'm not sure about #3 (the "t", but it looks like that's the only character is could be), and where the question mark is, I'm not sure if there's another character there, or if its part of the third character, or neither. I think thats it. Thanks,

Sintax from the SAForums.

Just a couple more points I thought you'd be interested in!

It's now possible to work out all the letters on boat 3 (2). They are GEIPBEKYANBLEIZVD

also boat 5(4) is almost complete. I make the letters EZT_OBMLKLBZOTOYZ

I've witnessed the boats cross twice, so far.

also, in the space of about 5 minutes boat 3 managed to travel from the top of Africa to the heel of Italy (left side) and back! ( a little bizarre)

Also, radiohead.com has produced some strange action!
page 005 with the blips has disappeared! and on the contents page "009 _._._._ _._" has appeared (Again, a little bizarre)

The image of the seven ships together on the byzantine ziggurat page appears
to expose new letters, particularly for ship 2.
The new letters appear to be Upsilon after the Kappa, an Epsilon? and Iota?
between the Lambda and Zeta and an Alpha before the final Delta.

The final translation I get is: geipbekuanbleizad.

Ship one appears to have some extra letters as well, although they're hard
to make out. An Omicrom and a Gamma, maybe.



Thank You to everyone who has contributed!

g e t s o m e s l e e p

HELP US ALL! we're trying to solve this. hopefully you are to. if you see anything missing that you might have figured out, CLICK BELOW and email me some info you've got! translations of letters, theories, etc. thanks everyone. mike|[let down]

this was here: http://stonecutter2.tripod.com/radiohead/id16.html
now it's here: