balanced act.

tactile textiles cotton

another daygoneby

there. in the bushes. the eyes.

who told you again?

that time's done till over.

no. it depends. actually. on little grey beards.

a stroke and a cuddle makes wonder befuddle.

tripped over the chair, blood on rug

no small papers...too confining. prison pixel.

grumble in the past? altogether frightening.

no taste. cardboard bread on oil.

the water makes my tongue swell. HHHHRRMPF.

i find my cereal uninspiring. take it away.

ohhh the hovering
smiling smell morning drop
on the cold pavement
i sense distance perspective
on the old blue blandest move
tuning to the key in ce
making it to see the tree
flaming and alarmed at the smell
smiling morning dropping its heavy hands
on my self and self
within all without shame
divised by one
asolvent misfunds
moving into the asphalt tremble bridge
there in the morning smelling shame

bringing in front of
singularly understaffed
unsyndicated marksmanship
illuminated drinking slip
of course i find your ways intriguing
ask me only what you say
do away with it in the moment
bringing in the fresh air
bringing in the fresh air
forward movement inhibiting despair
no further need for this anyway
interspace of much-filled time
and further from the source

fillt the brim grim.
alongside you hazardous.
i'll go by to the town.
buy the town to go buy.
sit alone and wonder why.
smith song flicker try.
it has grown so/o/o/o/o
i have flown
flapping funnel in the wind
trapped in funnel find
i know now what u too
i find the funnel inside you
and whisk it away

i'm not sure why i feel so freee
among another other yo
urea chf orme.
is imply wan tthe benefithistory.
anot herg rowingd aytoth eoldo aktree.
andi t'sfreeu ndergro und
it'sfre eundergro und
we 'real lfreeeeeeeeee.
we 'real lfreeeeeeeeee.
i t's unhe ardof.
i t's unhe ardof.
make the most of it.


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copyright 2001 by mike, ask before taking etc.