arms reaching but folded

cave of no noise
listens sweetly to the beat
of the old tune band
making feeble gestures of anonymity
making anonymous calls to herself
allowing only what can be
to be served to her own purpose
adrift and lifting solitude
amongst the swaying arms of the beholders
holding her for the fall

this has got to be it.
this is the moment i've waited /four/for;.i am not alone
:i have held it to this
:i forget why exactly
:the time has passed so closely
:within my sight
:all in all
:i'm not alone anymore
:with you

&alternate ending&

How Empire In ?Set
Just Tell He So
he are in was if an up her
is an expensive did she

huge way of architecture
sordid city ferry
a glass star Square
you want our big bagel tour?
or bridge of less noise?
perform work
but look for you
elevate porno
after watch is drunk
no weather garment
neon night airport
i do return

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