with all we've seen
i have another turn
when and why
eyes that burn of sulfur
tricks that don't work out
another day
for more refer to someone else
i have no recourse YOU MUST BE STOPPED
will never feel pain
all decisions have been made
receptive to onslaught of grandeur
made with hometown pride
in a factory
owned by no one
operated by no one
but the ghosts of the "free"
general loss of sensitivity
no taste, no touch
have you thought of your plan?
where you'll go?
who you'll know?
too late?
you can make me yours
take me home
break it in
break it
throw me in the lake!
cold alone numb
no more fun no more you no more me no more
none none no one

add'l withheld.
you lack proper authority.
connection halted.

/attempt successfully halted by *GUARDIAN*/no further details available.

i am on the level
withholding you say?
not without the doubt i have
tiptoe taxing taken over
greatful and pleasurable
the tingling of your sight
the straight-arrow marker torn
brevity of determination
only only only only
who's the stiff?
if any are over into under asking
i'm all of what is asked for
and nothing that they stated
welcoming arms and holding ties
stuck to the lamp post
and burning with sweater lint
all again is the stratus
spherical distaste of alliance
to the southern sky
lightened over is yours
mine is gracious
although it's it's it's
only only

across ageless montana.

too much to find
so much to seek
i will only go where i feel is right
i will only make what i know must exist
i exist only to make and feel
i am only what you feel
i will not make you feel how i do
the time it takes to agree
the time you took to find me
was too much to bear
i will not go where you feel
i will not take the time
how i feel

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